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Workstation COVID-Panels

Workstation Add-On COVID-Panels

Fitting and maintenance

The screens can be fitted to desktops, partitions and monitor arms quickly and easily without causing damage. They are also easy to remove when no longer needed.

No maintenance is required as the screens contain no moving parts or electrical components.

Ease of Cleaning

The screens are easy to clean using a microfibre cloth, soap and hot water. Disinfectants can also be used.

We advise against using glass cleaners or cleaning agents containing methylated spirits or alcohol as they can tarnish the surface.

The screens can be treated with antistatic plastic cleaners to help prevent dust from accumulating.


The Covid Panel Solutions consist of key materials i.e. the acrylic screen, tempered glass and durable epoxy powder coated metal fixtures.

These materials provide long service life and is 100% recyclable.