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System b3

System b3
Extreme Modularity

There is only ONE type of connection in the under-worktop structures comprising the support rails and the up-right legs (height adjustable); and this alone creates the entire System b3.

The rails connect to form the system structure in ONLY one way, by a patented System B3 “Square-Clip”. The same rails can be applicable in numerous ways, including :-)
1. To an end up-right leg.
2. To a shared up-right leg.
3. To direct connect to another end of the support rail.
4. In a 3-way to another cross-rail, etc.

Once connected, the concept of extreme modularity in b3 takes on to form all the modular dimensions required to ensure your valued investments into a system furniture that will last a life time of versatility and flexibility, as delivered by Artwright predecessor, the legendary System MXV2 - fully expandable and reconfigurable.

The rails and the legs are of 150mm modules in lengths and depth respectively. Hence a buyer needs to only specify, say, 1800mm lengths by 600mm depth with 2 end upright legs, and that is all ! This provides a new meaning to modularity . . . extreme modularity.

Modular Concepts
System b3 creates a formula that simplifies and organizes the structure of a desking system for the most modular concepts.