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Artwright was established in 1965 by its founder, Yong Chee Leong (YCL),its first products being the drafting board and stand.  The original idea was to produce the drafting equipment locally within the same quality as those made in England to reduce cost and render it affordable to the local market.

The name "Artwright" came about by combining "art" to represent the nature of the business, and "right thing" to denote the products sold by the company, and adding the letter "w" to the word "right" to make the word sound British as the main competitors were British. Hence, Artwright was born.

YCL invited his son Yong Yoke Keong (YYK) to join the business.  In 1985, YYK introduced a range of well-designed and high quality small computer tables to complement the desktop computers made by IBM and Apple.  These products were made of honeycomb core and were extremely well accepted worldwide. 

Since then, the company has witnessed tremendous growth from a niche business.

Some Notable Milestones